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MEHDI, an old Iranian man, fled to Germany with his son REZA 30 years ago.

But now, to the end of his life, the longing for his old home does not leave him.

He decides to move back to Iran. But he ignores his son REZA, who has already

built up a life in Germany. Old wounds break between them. A family drama against the background of a dramatic escape.



genre:  Drama

current status: Production development

est. length: 100 min.


Director and Author:

Behrooz Karamizade


A production of Living Pictures Production GbR in co-production with about:film e.k.



Script-development, production-development and production funded by




In a small Belarusian village where time seems to stand still, Jasja, a 9-year-old girl, has to deal with her mother‘s death. Her father decides to send Jasja to an orphanage. One day Jasja wants to visit her father and leaves the orphanage. She makes her way home on foot. Early in the morning Jasja reaches her home village. When Jasja finally arrives home, she is completely astonished at what she discovers there.



Production year: 2017-2018


Country of production : Germany / Republic of Belarus


Shooting location: Republic of Belarus (Lubeiki, Ashmyany, Minsk), Germany (Kassel)


Type: Short Fiction - Drama


Running time: 30 Minutes


Director and Author:

Aliaksei Paluyan


A production of Aliaksei Paluyan in co-production with Living Pictures Production GbR

production funded by

Heavy Baggage

The story of Gedevan Kartvelishvili



The 45 year old GEDEVAN has no right touch for money. The studied professor of archeology  lives with his wife and his two kids in Tiflis, the capital of Georgia.

He teaches a handful of students at the local archaeological institute in the hope of being paid some day. But the institute is bankrupt, as well as the entire country. There's not much work around and to make matters worse refugees from one of the many wars with Russia are poring into the city.

Bad conditions for a subtle science like archeology. But to the grieve of his wife, who dreams of a better life, his daughter who wants to become a fashion model, and his son who wishes that his father is a strong man, GEDEVAN cannot help but digging into his research every day.

When his wife forces him to leave to the EU, earning money for the family, GEDENVANS daily life will come to a sudden change.


A film about the question what is more important for society: money or man?


genre:  black comedy

current status: script development

est. length: 100 min


Director and Co-Author:

Giorgi Abashishvili





There is a huge impermeable swamp region between the Eastern and Western Europe. The life under difficult natural conditions there is a conscious choice of the people. The reason for this choice is simple: Freedom.



Production year: 2018-2019


Country of production: Germany / Republic of Belarus


Shooting location: Republic of Belarus


Type: Documentary


Running time: 52 Minutes, 70 Minutes


Producer: Jörn Möllenkamp


Director and Author: Aliaksei Paluyan



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